Sketch Comedy - Sunday July 28th 1130am - Comedian, Models, Actors, Entertainers

Sketch Comedy - Actors, Actresses, Models, Comedians, Aspiring (Doral/Miami) Sketch Comedy Sun July 28th 2013 at 1130 am - Shrink Rap https://www.facebook.com/shrink.rap.7 . Shrink Rap Online Comedy Series https://twitter.com/media55 and have worked with Fortune 500 companies. Shrink Rap Team The Psychologists are popular stand up comedian RJ and new comedian Neeto Starr. Neeto has family in the entertainment business who have won 2 Emmys and produced hits for Miley Cyrus, Rhianna and Kelly Rowland. Sketch Scenario Skit List for Sun July 28th 2013 -- All Dat Latin Ladies - Dress hot, stilettos, assets out, nails perfect, swinging hair all over, bitchy, I am better than you attitude, I am Hot as F--- You are not, Why am I hear? We need eye candy. Need to able to curse some one out in Spanish or other language Look Like an Entertainer - Someone who thinks they are that entertainer but suck at it. Lipstick Lesbians - Talks about new laws how they are getting married. Two male chauvinist men will be Psychologists. Yes Man - Hypes everything his friend says Conspiracy Theorist -
Need Hot Female Cut Off Jeans(Daisy Dukes) southern accent - She talks about Vampires(True Blood) are alive and taking over this country. Guys or Girls Out Of Prison - Three guys or girls fresh out of prison need counseling on how the world is now. Stuck in 80's Don't know about cell phones, laptops etc.... They think these things are weapons. Talk about how they love Jheri curls. Start singing Super Freak. Must have clothes for this. Nymphomaniacs - Super Sexy Women - Ladies! We want 2 females to be Nymphomaniacs. All they do is talk about sex when talking to doctor. Ladies talk in sexual innuendos. We need leg cross tease like Basic Instinct, flirtation, sexy gear to match. We want ladies to talk so provocative that doctors jump on couch. We want this to be recurring role. ???????????????????????? - This is Reserved for the skits we create while we are in the studio Green Screen Comedy (We will shoot these on Sunday) Terrible Singing Group Male View Show Interviewing Crazy People - Last week it was Zombi Apocalypse

Don't Be Fooled

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